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Water tank cleaning is a very important part of water hygiene due the high temperature.

Some poorly managed and neglected water tanks can become the perfect breeding ground for the harmful bacteria’s.

It is not possible that regular checks can be done of your tank and purification can also not be done regularly, due to the vast type of pathogens which can seriously endanger your health and your loved ones.

Municipality of Dubai approved the water tank cleaning

The Municipality of Dubai recommends that all types of buildings’ water tanks should be disinfectant and clean once in a whole year. Water tank cleaning treatments are approved fully by the Municipality of Dubai. You can get water tank cleaning experts who are fully certified and well trained in providing their amazing services.

They use the chemicals and chlorination treatment that absolutely follow all standards of the Municipality of Dubai.

The water tank cleaning process also includes an automatic sludge pump for removing thick muds from the water tanks and chlorination helps for removing all the fungus from the water tanks walls.

Why choose the best water tank cleaning company in Dubai?

The experts of best water tank companies ensure that your tank can be perfectly sanitized and disinfected as per result you can get the best and pure germ free supply of water in your homes. The experts keep in mind about all your safety of health while disinfection or cleaning of water tanks.

Most part of this country continuously take benefits by the help of these expert professionals because their services are awesome. You should also try these services of experts so that you can free from a lot of disease which may be caused by the bacteria’s and fungus present in your water tanks.

  • Pipeline disinfection with water tank cleaning is also plays a major role.

The pipelines of Domestic, Commercial and Industrial buildings should be regularly inspected, maintained, cleaned and disinfected in line which meets with the local and international standards. Contaminated or dirty water can cause health hazards in a very bad manner. So cleaning of water tanks also with pipelines is the most important factor for your health, because water borne diseases are very harmful for your health.

  • Water pollutants can be easily removed by the product of a well organised company in Dubai. The products include the vast varieties of disinfectants which can disinfect all the water systems very quickly and in a good manner.
  • The service of the professionals plays a major role in using these products in a good and professional manner.

According to based on the some standards the important things for water tank cleaning purposes are

  • Water systems should be clean for removing the nutrients which are available for the growth of bacterias. Periodic visual inspections should be made at least once in a month so that there you can avoid the buildup of dirt, or any other organic matters or any other debris.
  • The water systems which develop a water spray or we can say an aerosol must be maintained and well treated for minimising the contamination of Legionella bacterias.

Some recommendations are given along with any disinfection methods of treatment for reducing the contamination of legionella within the plumbing of Domestic (which is either hot or cold).

  • Water systems which may be of hot and cold water must be flushed with 70 ° C temperature water for near about 5 minutes, minimum of 60 ° C measured at the outlets.
  • These water systems are treated with chlorine to provide a minimum free of chlorine residual of about 1-2 mg/l at all outlets.

Inspection and cleaning of hot and cold water systems

a) The water systems must be flushed at least once in every six months, water temperature should not be less than 70°C for the duration of 5 minutes or an equivalent temperature.

b) By water tank cleaning services there can be reduction in dead legs which are stagnant lines and stubs of the water tank system.

c) Cleaning and inspection of hot water tanks regularly, or annually as much as minimum possible will be very helpful for your water tank systems

d) By Continually running hot water circulation pumps can avoid mixing valves only.

e) You can store hot water at a minimum temperature of 60 °C and we can say 150° F and deliver it to the taps at a very minimum temperature of 50°C or 122 °F.

f) You should store and distribute the cold domestic water below 20° C. If it is not possible then you should consider the monitoring of Legionella and use the disinfection system if this legionella is not under your control.

g) At least quarterly you should flush the entire water system on a regular basis.

h) You should consider routine treatments by including the use of approved biocides.

Which company can be the best company for water tank cleaning services in Dubai?

By the help of an approved company and the professionals of water tank systems, where the professionals are well educated and know every aspect of cleaning services of water tank systems.

You can find whatever you need for your health improvement services, water is the main component of everyone’s life.

So the water systems at your homes, buildings or commercial buildings should be cleaned once a year.

So that you can make yourself safe from all the water borne diseases which may be caused due to the dirty water and dirty water tank or pipeline systems.

You can get all the things done at your home just by contacting our traditional services of cleaning and make all your system free from any viruses, germs or bacteria’s.

You have to inform us that our company whose name is Endeavor in Dubai whose link is www.endeavorclean.com has been approved by many standards which are mentioned above and provided with a lot of work on a daily basis which really plays a major role in the whole Dubai.


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