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When you decided to change the apartment or even your commercial space, and now looking for some helping hands to manage your move in & out, right? You need to make sure that it is cleaned before you leave and the new location is fit for you to inhabit. No problem! Just give us a few details and we are there to clean everything in the place you leave and move into.

We offer you thorough deep move in and move out cleaning services. Dust top to bottom; We offer a thorough cleaning of your home/offices/commercial space in both our move-in and move-out cleaning services to really make your new or old location shine. 

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Scope of Work

These scope-of-work checklists differ from our normal checklists because the home/office is assumed to be empty of furniture and unoccupied.


Thorough cleaning of Walls, Floors, Windows panels, Walkway, FCU, Factory Equipment, Fixtures and Pipe connection, Electrical fixtures and other food factory equipment. 

HEPA stands for high efficiency particulate air and is a rating given to the filter within the vacuum that filters all incoming air to 99.97% making sure that there is no dust that blows out into the outdoor environment.

The electric powered steam machines will be used in conjunction with the DM approved chemicals to clean remove stubborn dirt from those hard to reach areas; specifically, on the factory equipment.

An air compressor machine can agitate and remove stubborn dirt from those hard to reach areas. This equipment will be used to clean the sensitive equipment that can’t be cleaned by using a high pressure steam cleaning machine.


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We deliver the most innovative facilities management solutions in all emirates.


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Ensuring customer service, efficiencies in time and processes enabling Clients to concentrate on its core businesses.


We are committed to delivering fast, effective solutions that exceed expectations through collaborative partnerships with our clients.

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