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regular cleaning and maintenance

Regular Cleaning of your Media Sign with proper maintenance of your sign(s) prolongs the life of the sign. Using a qualified Professional Media Sign Cleaning Company who has a safety program for their employees and who has proper safety certification of their equipment, is crucial to ensuring your signs are serviced in a safe manner and save you a lot of cost and money.

Media Signs that are dirty, not fully illuminated, poorly maintained and in disrepair project a negative image to your client and also to your competition.

This is further emphasised during the summer months when the illuminated signs are exposed to the dusty, heat & humid for longer periods of time, that will affect the visibility and the message of your outdoor adverts. Regular cleaning of the plastic or flex face materials, inside and outside removes the dirt and mold, which if left unchecked, can cause permanent damage and etching to the substrate. This causes blotching in the faces when the signs are illuminated, portraying a negative image.

Faces that are not cleaned on a regular basis deteriorate faster, resulting in them having to be replaced sooner. This is a very expensive cost which can be delayed or prevented by proper and regular cleaning and maintenance.

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best method

How do we do it?

We have a wide variety of cleaning signs available in many formats that help combat disorder and dirt in your Media Sign, give us details and we will give you the best procedure/method we can offer.

Cleaning of media sign will multi access solution, using combination of water fed telescopic poles, high pressure washers/special chemicals (e.g degreaser)

Manual cleaning using extendable water fed (if required) telescopic soft brush, cleaning cloth.

Cleaning all the letters, signs (English & Arabic), on aluminium panels (if available), using standard cleaning materials & equipment.

Supply and erection of the scaffolding for high level areas (approx. 6 meters) or Power accessed machine from 28 meters up to 42 meters if required with RTA approval required if it’s along the way/tram/parking/metro area.


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