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laundry ducting and vents

How often do you check your dryer vents? Most people presume their lint traps catch all the lint and maybe empty the trap after each load, once a week or only when it overflows.

Dryers produce very large quantities of lint, which is highly flammable. A significant amount (up to 25%) of lint that is not caught by the trap can build up inside the dryer and within the ducting, and even on the heating element within the machine causing it to overheat and possibly catch fire.

The fire services in the UAE have highlighted the potential fire risks and Insurance companies request that dryer vents should be cleaned regularly.
Regularly cleaned machines not only reduce the fire risk but work more effectively, minimise repairs, reduce excessive heat damage to garments and will help cut down electricity costs with shorter drying times.

Endeavor Cleaning Services can clean your laundry ducting and vents as a separate service or along with the kitchen duct cleaning.

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