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The drain line that connects from your home to a municipal sewer line or septic tank is the most important pipe that needs to function properly. All wastewater that exits a home or building must be able to pass through this pipe. If there is any sort of blockage to the sewer line, a messy back-up will occur. And for commercial establishment grease builds up in pipes and causes backups and flow problems.

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Our expertise and well-trained hygiene technician have the experience and knowledge to clean and find solution on all type of drain blockage cleaning problem.

  • We first investigate with the use of Specialized CCTV drain inspection systems for use in pipe diameters from 100mm up to 2 meters. The CCTV systems determine the condition of the pipeline system and what process or method we need to provide.
  • Technical Report to be submitted within 2 to 3 days after completion of work.
  •  Whether there is a blockage or problem in a drain line, with the use of our highly equipped water jet machine can be used to both unblock and clean the drain on your premises.
  • A high-pressure hose fitted with various nozzles allows jetting of water with different direction to remove blockages and accumulated debris, fats, oils and grease from your blocked drain lines.
  • The most effective way to ride off drain line blockage strong, medium, high pressure jets of water remove the deposits from the pipe wall, the accumulated deposits are flushed out of the pipelines and drain is returned to a free-flowing condition.

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